The Sweet Spot

Happy Holiday Week!!

Nothing says "this is going to be a GOOD week" like an upcoming holiday and free cupcakes floating around the office!! I love to exercise my freedom to not exercise and instead bask in the glory of these yummy confections!!! : )

Rainy Sunday Blonde

Happy Rainy Sunday!!!

I LOVE rain (especially when I can sleep late and have nothing pressing to do!) It almost never happens, but when it does, I take full advantage of the vibe to be lazy!! 

One dilemma I face on rainy Sundays is whether or not to leave my apartment to do things shopping! Today I decided to forego the dampness and get creative. 

Thankfully, I had a few cinnamon buns (leftover from a trip to Ikea on Friday!) and some bacon....because we ALWAYS have bacon!! : ) 

Happy relaxing!!!!!!

Blonde Moment

Happy Saturday!!

Today our friends are having a "Jack & Jill Baby Shower" and the theme is pink/animal print/punk rock. Could it be more perfect?! I already love this babe's style and she hasn't even arrived yet!! 


My mom crocheted this beautiful baby blanket, Drew contributed a super cute, super appropriate onesie for the rock star to-be, and since it's too hot to bake I found these really cute pink lollipops at a hospital gift shop yesterday!!

Something tells me this little lady is definitely gonna rock!! : ) 

Weekly Highlights

Happy Weekend!!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from this past week.....including the biggest pink rose I've ever seen....graciously given to me by a lovely member of the Fenway Victory Gardens. (It's so big I thought it was a peony!!)

I also added a few new cactus plants and succulents (from Ikea!!) to my "indoor garden"....which I'm hoping will at the very least make it through the summer!! One can always dream!!! : ) 

Natural (Light) Blonde

Happy Monday!!!

I finally hung my new sheer pink curtains over the weekend after realizing I've had a blonde moment that lasted about five years!! 

When I first moved into my current apartment I really wanted pink curtains and ordered a pair online, not realizing they were actually drapes meant to keep light out!! All this time I've just thought my apartment was in a dark corner of the building but nope.....I was blocking out all of that beautiful sunshine all by myself!! Whoops!!! : ) 

I found the most perfect pair of sheer pink curtains at the Ann & Hope Outlet (at a steal for $4.99 a panel!) and they're pretty much perfect. Not only do they let in lots of light, they also make me feel like I live in a cotton candy machine!! : ) I'd say that is definitely a win-win(dow)!

The Salty Blonde

Happy Sunday, and Happy Father's Day to my fabulous dad and all the other awesome dads and dad-like guys out my book you're all as cool as the watermelon pictured above!! 

Speaking of my favorite pink fruit (and quite possibly my favorite food in general!) I only recently learned that there are a whole lot of people in this world who put salt on watermelon. Who knew, and how did I not know this sooner?!?!  The  craziest part is....salt actually makes the watermelon taste SWEETER!! I definitely had my doubts, but I gave it a try (ok a few tries!) and sure enough, it's delicious!! 

Now granted, the salt probably does make the watermelon ever so slightly less healthy than without but's totally worth it. Let me know if you try it, and what you think!!

Happy sprinkling!!!!!!

Fruity Blonde

Happy Saturday!!!

Yesterday I spent some quality time in Westport with my family, and during our ride back from Bayside (one of our absolute favorite breakfast/lunch places!) we stopped by The Golden Robin.....a quintessential country farm stand that sells some of thee most delicious strawberries I've ever had! 

When I got back to Boston, I continued on my fruit kick and bought a bunch of lemons. I keep reading articles about the benefits of drinking lemon water, so I figured I'll give it a try! Plus I love using lemons as decorations, and I couldn't wait to use the cute ceramic strawberry basket I found at Marshalls last week. I've decided from now on, when life hands me lemons, I'll use them to decorate and just got out and buy the lemonade!! : ) 

Happy weekend!!!!!