Decaffeinated Blonde

Happy Thursday!!!!

The weather this week has been unbelievable!!  So beautiful, so sunny and so warm....with one minor (ok major!) downside.  None of my cute spring/summer clothes fit!!  NONE.  Zero. Zilch. Nada.  Aaaauugghhh!!  All of that hibernating in front of the TV instead of moving (at all!) during this past crazy winter has totally caught up with me.  I'm a little frustrated....BUT.....I have a plan.  I have no idea if it's a good plan...but it's a plan nonetheless!  : )  I'm going to try (try) to be healthier this spring and summer...which is a pretty lofty goal for someone who lives on grilled cheese, mac 'n cheese and cupcakes.  Still....I am SO motivated by all of those cute sundresses hanging in my I have a few good bribes planned for myself along the way!! : )  My first order of business is a big one.  I'm giving up soda....completely.  Completely!!  It may not seem like a big deal to anyone who only drinks it occasionally, but for a bona fide soda addict like me, this is definitely going to be a challenge.  I actually started two days ago and so far, I'm doing ok! And by that I mean, I'm still alive. The first thing I did was buy myself a giant Pink water bottle and clear my fridge of all potential temptations.  So's worked!!!  I'm not sure if it's all in my mind, but I actually feel a lot better!!!  Yay!! One more weekday to go......let's see I can make it through a caffeine-free weekend!!!  : )  

Happy almost-Friday!!!!! : )

Welcome to "The Blonde Spot" HQ!!

Happy Sunday!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The sun finally decided to make an appearance....just in time for baseball season in Boston!! Yay!!

As promised, below are some pics of my "spot".....aka my apartment....aka "The Blonde Spot" HQ. I really, really, really love to decorate, and as you'll soon see....I also really love things that are sparkly, happy and most of all, pink!! 

Hope you enjoy the "tour" of my spot! Thanks for stopping by!!!! : ) 

This is my living room/dining room/guest room. : ) My apartment is in a spot I don't get a whole lot of natural sunlight (I've tried to create the illusion of light with my hot pink curtains and a lot of mirrors!) The trade off is that I have a beautiful view of the courtyard right outside my window....and it's so quiet you could literally hear a pin drop! 

I love, love, love pillows. Maybe a little too much! They're everywhere!! (My mom and I made these pink chevron ones!) 

This is one of my favorite pieces of "art" in my apartment. I had no idea what to put in this frame until I cleaned out my closet and found a leopard print dress from H&M that was about two sizes too small. SO....I took a pair of scissors, went a little "wild" and voila! (It fits the frame so much better than it fit me!!) 

Did you know H&M has a home section AND you can order online?!? I got this leopard pillow case there recently.....and now I'm obsessed!! Everything there is so affordable and SO cute!!!!

I love books. I wish I had more time to read them but in the meantime, they serve as "functional decor"!!

I got this for myself........hee hee. 

My mom got this plant for me at the flower show at my grandmother's nursing home. It's still alive after almost two weeks. Woohoo!!

These guitars (and maybe one or two other things in my apartment) are really the only clues I have about my job at home. I spend a lot of time at work so when I'm home, I like to just be home!! : ) I do love these guitars, though. : )  One is signed by Aerosmith and the other is signed by Jon Bon Jovi. <3 

Here is my makeshift bar cart!! It's a magazine rack base with a wine rack (both of which I spraypainted pink) on top of a plastic tray that I got at The Christmas Tree Shop (one of my favorite places!!) Hmmm....looks like I might need to stock up!!

Lately all of my artwork is from Marshalls and the theme is always "love"'s totally not on purpose, but it's always nice to have a little extra love in your living space, right?!

Here's my kitchen!! It's small, but it totally works for me. I especially love my pink cart from Ikea. I use it as storage space for all of my mason jars and anything else that's too pretty to hide in a cabinet!! 

Clementines are my favorite fruit (they also double as the cheeriest decoration!!!)

I bought this mug at Old Navy a) because it reminds me of a really fun lunch I had with my brother and our friends from Canada down in Hingham and b) just because it's so darn cute!!!

It took me FOREVER to find a set of pink pots.....and since I don't cook much they'll probably last just as long!! : ) 

Pink cake pans....with little hinges on the side! I think it's called a springfoam pan...or something like that. Usually if it's pink and supposed to be useful, I'll just get it and figure it out later!! 

My hot pink mixer!! One of my prized possessions!! 

As an adult I feel obligated to offer my guests coffee. Obviously, I had to find the most basic coffee maker ever....that just happened to come in pink!!! : ) 
My comforter ALWAYS looks wrinkled no matter how much I try to fix it. Although I think it gives it that comfy, lived-in look, don't you? ; )

More dreamy pillows!!

Lately I am totally digging all-things gold!! 

See what I mean?! Gold everywhere!!

I don't necessarily judge books by their covers, but perfume bottles are a completely different story!! 

I've never actually sat at this desk-turned-vanity, but I love everything about it!!

My lucky ducks!! 

I love this shower curtain. It's so bright! (I bought it years ago at Anthropologie (my FAVORITE place!) but recently discovered the same exact manufacturer on Wal Mart's web site under the Lush brand. So many of the products I've seen on sites like Anthro are a lot (and I mean A LOT!) less expensive on the Wal Mart site!! 

My glamorous "roommate" Marilyn spends all of her time in the bathroom! Typical diva!!  : ) 

My friend Colleen sent me this sign and I just love it. It's strategically placed on top of my toilet so all of my friends know they're "beauty full"' as soon as they walk in (and at some point, I know everyone is bound to walk in!!) : ) 

Weekend Blonde!!

Hooooray!!!! We made it!! Friday (aka "Fry-day" according to one of my favorite new t-shirts pictured above!) is the BEST day of the week. At least I think so!! : ) 

This is going to be my last "free" Friday for a I'm going to try to enjoy every last minute as much as I can! Of course, at the start of every offseason I am completely delusional and swear I'm going to be super organized, totally in shape and 100% de-stressed by Opening Day. It never happens, but every year I inch a little closer to those goals. Woohoo!!! 

I hope your Friday (and weekend!) is full of happy!!! : ) 

Interior Blonde : )

Happy Thursday!!!!!

I've been spending the last few weeks of the "offseason" trying to get as organized as possible. Monday is the first Red Sox home game and the official start of a crazy/fun/hectic eight months (give or take a few weeks!!) I'm trying to declutter and make my apartment a calm, somewhat quiet and relaxing place to offset the sometimes overwhelming busy-ness of our very beloved team and ballpark!! 

By Saturday I'm hoping to have my apartment as spic 'n span as humanly possible so I can give you all a virtual tour of "The Blonde Spot" HQ!! : ) 

Just think....only two more days 'til the weekend! Woohoo!!! Have a great rest-of-the-week!!! : ) 

Slow-Cookin' Blonde

Happy Almost Friday!!! Yay!!!

Yesterday was monumental. I used a crock pot for the very first time.....and I didn't even burn down my building! I'd call that a huge success! 

Much to my surprise, my slow cooker macaroni and cheese was actually pretty good. It only took three hours to make ....but it was worth it. : )  I cheated a little and couldn't wait the whole three hours for it to cook in the crock pot, so I poured it into a baking dish and put it in the oven for about half an hour and it melted the cheese perfectly. 

Even after giving my dear friend and taste-tester Megan some to bring home, I still have a ton leftover. Looks like it's going to be mac 'n cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner today.....and you will not hear me complaining!! : ) 

Bargain-Hunting Blonde

Happy Wednesday!!

Spring is definitely in the air!! Or at the very least, it's in the beauty aisles at Marshalls. Last night I found the most gorgeous bright and pastel nail polishes for only $3.99 a bottle!! I probably didn't need to buy six, but since the cost of a manicure/pedicure can sometimes cost upwards of $50 per visit these days (not to mention all the time it takes!) I thought this was a pretty good investment. 

I really love DIY manicures for a few reasons. You can do them anytime, touch-ups are a breeze and you actually own the nail polish (this is manicures are great until you chip a nail a few days later and realize you don't have anything to fix it with!!) 

Now don't get me wrong.....I love the occasional trip to the spa/strip mall....but when you're busy and on a budget, steals like these pretty little half-priced bottles of polish are a bargain hunter's dream!!! : ) 

Blonde Brilliance ; )

Hello, Hello!!! 

Here is my "brilliant" blonde thought for today: 

I think EVERY Tuesday should be Pancake Tuesday (even though technically I ate these last night!) 

When you think about it, pancakes are pretty much perfect. They're easy (and cheap!) to make, it's acceptable to eat them at any time of day and you can top them off with just about anything. Anything! Yummy AND versatile. Like I said, practically perfect. Oh, and since I'm ALWAYS running late in the morning, I've started eating them at night.....just in case!! : )

Have a happy (Pancake!) Tuesday!!!!