Thursday, November 13, 2014


Hi Everyone!!!

I figured I'd jump right back into my blonde blogging just in time to share some ideas for one of my absolute favorite things in the world to do in decorating!!! This year, I decided to give myself a strict budget of just $20 for NEW decorations (I have tons of decorations that I've collected over the years so when you see my future posts of my hot pink tree, sparkly mini trees, etc. those were from when I didn't actually have a budget....although I probably should have!!!) far I've spent a whopping $5.00 on my new d├ęcor (see above!) and I'm pretty happy with the results!! I already had the gold and white table runner from Ikea and the glass jar from the Christmas Tree Shop, but I  visited my favorite dollar store (Dollar Tree) a few days ago and picked up about thirty mini gold ornaments and two glittery silver reindeer, all for five bucks!! (I have this new obsession with all-things gold, so I was extra excited to find so many gold decorations at such a good price!!)  I'm hoping to do more decorating this weekend, so I'll definitely post pics!! 

Happy afternoon!!!!  : )