Bargain-Hunting Blonde

Happy Wednesday!!

Spring is definitely in the air!! Or at the very least, it's in the beauty aisles at Marshalls. Last night I found the most gorgeous bright and pastel nail polishes for only $3.99 a bottle!! I probably didn't need to buy six, but since the cost of a manicure/pedicure can sometimes cost upwards of $50 per visit these days (not to mention all the time it takes!) I thought this was a pretty good investment. 

I really love DIY manicures for a few reasons. You can do them anytime, touch-ups are a breeze and you actually own the nail polish (this is manicures are great until you chip a nail a few days later and realize you don't have anything to fix it with!!) 

Now don't get me wrong.....I love the occasional trip to the spa/strip mall....but when you're busy and on a budget, steals like these pretty little half-priced bottles of polish are a bargain hunter's dream!!! : ) 

Blonde Brilliance ; )

Hello, Hello!!! 

Here is my "brilliant" blonde thought for today: 

I think EVERY Tuesday should be Pancake Tuesday (even though technically I ate these last night!) 

When you think about it, pancakes are pretty much perfect. They're easy (and cheap!) to make, it's acceptable to eat them at any time of day and you can top them off with just about anything. Anything! Yummy AND versatile. Like I said, practically perfect. Oh, and since I'm ALWAYS running late in the morning, I've started eating them at night.....just in case!! : )

Have a happy (Pancake!) Tuesday!!!! 

Blonde on Target

Happy Friday!!!

Sorry!! I've been slacking on my blogging big time this week.....but with good reason!! I have been on an organizing mission like never before! My newly acquired storage space has completely changed my life. I feel like I have so much more space and so much more time now that I'm not spending every moment cleaning! Next week, I really want to get totally organized (right now I have everything in its place, but it isn't necessarily in order!)  

On a sort of different note, two nights ago I did two things I haven't done in a really long time. I slept with my windows open (YAY!!!) and I left Target with only two things that weren't on my original list of things to get. Which, for those of you who love all of the fun but completely unnecessary trinkets and what not Target sells (especially in the dollar aisle!) that you totally want but absolutely do not need, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

The first not-on-the-list purchase that I made was the carton of strawberry marshmallows pictures above. Not only are they adorable, the smell and taste delicious!! I've been trying to ration them and only eat one or two a day, but they're hard to resists.....and I'm even thinking of saving a few for some s'mores action this weekend! 

The second not-on-the-list purchase was one of my best Target purchases yet....and it only cost $3.00!! I've been searching for a long time for the perfect basket to hold my make-up on my bathroom sink but nothing has fit quite right. Until now! I found what I think is supposed to be an Easter basket in the dollar (well, three dollar!) aisle and it's the perfect size and color. Plus if after a while it gets make-up spilled in it, etc. I won't feel so bad about having to toss it because it was so cheap!!

In just a few months a HUGE Target will be opening right next door to my apartment. I'm so excited, but also a little nervous to have all of these cute things so accessible right next door, anytime I want! Then again, I am a big advocate of supporting the neighborhood businesses!! : ) 

Anyway!! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend,  and I also hope to have a lot more posts for you to read soon!! : )

Blonde Wonder

Happy Monday!!

Is there really such a thing?!? 

I'm having a tough time getting back to reality today because a) I had a few days off last week and b) I had a chance to spend some time in Wonderland yesterday with the most wonderful person I grandmother!! At 91, she is definitely the queen of my heart and the heart of just about everyone she meets!

Each year the staff at Catholic Memorial Home in Fall River puts on the most beautiful week-long flower show for the residents and their guests. This year the theme was "Alice in Wonderland" and it was one of my favorite years so far. Everything was so whimsical and bright and fun. 

Who doesn't wish every now and then they could fall down a hole, meet a crazy rabbit, attend a madman's tea party and risk losing their head playing croquet with the Queen?! Somedays that sounds less stressful than normal life!! Haha!!
Hope you all have a wonder-full week!! : )

Weekend Egg-Citement

Happy Sunday!!!

Last night my boyfriend Drew's son Sean and his best friend Luis had a sleepover at my apartment. 

Miraculously, we were able to wrangle them away from the PS4 just long enough to make pizza, color Easter eggs and bake cookies. 

I had no idea two 8-year-old boys would be so into making their own dinner....but they made two pizzas and ate almost everything!!  I'm pretty sure if I had made it, they wouldn't have touched it...but since they made it, it was the BEST PIZZA EVER!!! : ) 

Paas had has these cool Easter egg coloring cups now and all you need to do is add vinegar and water and plop the eggs in (don't forget to boil them like I did a few years ago!!) When you're finished, you just throw away the cups! I love all of the eggs they colored.....but my favorite (surprise surprise!) is the super hot pink one!! 

I love chocolate chip cookies so I was REALLY excited when I found a pink package of Pillsbury cookie dough with pastel chocolate chips!! We baked them this morning and it turns out they're actually sugar cookies with chocolate chips, but the boys loved them anyway!! 

Blonde Locks : )


Today was HUGE!! I officially have my own storage space right on the same floor as my apartment .....AND I found a pink lock at Staples!!! Yay!!! 

So far, I've relocated a suitcase and my vacuum cleaner to their spacious new residence. Tomorrow night (obviously BEFORE "Secrets and Lies" and "The Royals") I'm hoping to move all of my winter belongings to their summer home. : ) 

I really can't believe how much such a small, easy decision has lowered my stress level. Organizing my closets has always been my least favorite thing to do....and now I'm actually excited about it!!

Once I've got everything moved and in the right space, I'll post a few pics!! 

Hope everyone is having a happy weekend!!!! : ) 

Blonde Luck (Lucky Blonde!)

Happy Wednesday!!!

Yesterday was completely nuts!! I had planned on attempting to work out and do more spring cleaning but I guess a higher power had other plans because I ended up spending the day at the hospital! Not the most fun way to spend the day but having one of your best friends there with you definitely makes all the difference! My co-blondetourager Greta did everything she could to make me laugh and take my mind off of what was ailing me. She also kept my family (who wanted to visit but who I wanted to spare the ordeal!) updated the whole time, and to be honest, she actually made being in the hospital kind of fun! (Not that we want to go back anytime soon!)'s post is in honor of Greta, and all those friends you have in your life who aren't just around for all the fun stuff. They're there for the tough stuff! 

Hope you're all lucky enough to have a Greta in your lives, too!!! ��