Sew-Called Blonde

Happy Wednesday!! : )

It only took three weeks after it's arrival, but I finally took my new sewing machine out of the box!! Hooray!! I'm SEW excited!! 

Picking out pretty fabrics is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

One of the first projects I'm trying to tackle is reupholstering my dining room chairs. They're from Ikea and I guess I could just buy covers from there, but I haven't really seen any patterns that I love....and having custom covers made can be SO expensive, SO.....I decided to make my own! Ironically, I'm not even using my sewing machine because it's much easier to use a staple gun! Of course, the staple gun I had wasn't quite working, so I had to order a new one, and I had only bought enough fabric to cover one chair (thank goodness for my mom and dad who picked up the other 8 yards I need last night!) so this is definitely a work in progress. When it's finished, the total cost for all four covers will be about $80 and I paid $80 each for the ones I currently even though it's taking a lot of time and effort , I think it will be worth it (plus I love the pink and black fabric!) Below is what I'm hoping all four will end up looking like, so stay tuned! I'll post pics (if and!) when I finish! : ) 

Sew long, everyone!! : )  Have a great day!!! 

The Decluttered Blonde

Happy Tuesday!!! 

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!! It's been more than a month since my last post, and you might have noticed that all of my older posts have disappeared! That was on purpose....because this month I am ALL about my favorite new thing to do.....DECLUTTERING....and nothing is safe....not even my old blog posts!!  : ) 

I've always been a fairly neat and organized person on the outside...but if you look deep enough (i.e. into my closets and drawers) you'll see I'm actually quite a disaster!  I have this undeniable habit of "relocating" things when I don't know what to do with them, instead of just getting rid of them.  So now my goal is to cease all "relocations" and just start saying "good-bye" to the things I don't want and don't need. 

This weekend I decluttered my bathroom and my kitchen and it was the BEST feeling ever.  I threw away so much stuff, and it's been two whole days and I don't miss any of it.  It's amazing how less stressful mornings are when you know where everything is, and when you don't need to sift through twenty hairbrushes just to get to the only one you actually use!! 

As I continue to declutter, I'll post pictures that will hopefully motivate any of you "on the fence" potential declutter-ers! It really is an incredible feeling to throw things away...I even told my boyfriend the other day the the only thing I like better than getting things is getting rid of things... (I assured him I wasn't referring to him..haha!)....and he agreed!!

One thing I am hoping I can "relocate" is the time I've spent cleaning and organizing all of those things I realized I don't need, and my goal is to channel all of that energy into better and more thoughtful blog posts.  So hopefully, it's a win-win all around!! 

Happy decluttering (or at least happy thinking about it!!)  : )